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Listings for Food Stylists (10)

Janice Bell Food Styling

Janice Bell Food Styling

Janice is one of Chicago's top free-lance food stylists with 20 years of experience in preparing food and beverages for photography and film. Her exquisite work...

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amy andrews

Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews is a food stylist is Chicago.

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Donna Lafferty

Donna Lafferty, food stylist and home economist has been styling food for still and motion photography and for P.R. assignments for the past 20+ years. Her spee...

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Teresa Blackburn

Some folks don't believe in luck, but I do. Luck is being in the right place at the right time & knowing that you are at that right place. That is why I fee...

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Laurel Z

With each opportunity I strive to bring a fresh, unique approach to my work. Known by my clients as Laurel Z, my energetic personality and professionalism conti...

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Susan Skoog

About Susie: Fun. Talented. And hardworking. What more could you ask for in a food stylist? Well, there's much more to my story. What is my experience? Af...

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Mary Valentin

Mary Valentin’s artistic philosophy as it relates to the presentation of food in photography stems from her passion for good food. Food is loaded with history, ...

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David Kennedy

FOOD STYLIST AND CONSULTANT for sixteen years working with clients such as Kraft, ConAgra, Topco, Pampered Chef, and Publications International. PRODUCT SPEC...

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Lisa Kuehl

Lisa Benitez Kuehl is a Chicago-based food stylist, pastry chef, and food educator who has worked extensively throughout the US in the food industry for well ov...

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Carol Smoler

Carol has been an in-demand foodstylist for more than 25 years. She styles a broad range of food and food products for packaging, print, editorial, film and TV....

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